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Open any theatre history book and you’ll find the well-recorded histories of theatre in other parts of the world going back centuries. Continue flipping through the pages and you’ll find a page or two divided among a handful of countries in Africa each with a short section about ritual practices and/or a picture of the performances or a group that you have probably never heard of.  Personally, I have wondered for years how the theatre of Africa was structured before the colonial era. I wondered what types of theatre existed before people started writing. I have studied and researched here and there, and It saddens me that there is not much recorded about our theatre before contact with the Europeans. Even then a lot of what has been recorded about pre- and postcolonial African theatre has been done by non-Africans, although there is a good number of African scholars as well. This sadness has also made me curious: was precolonial African theatre all rituals, as researchers and scholars have simplified it? Are we simplifying it because that is what makes sense to us, because that is how we know to answer these questions, or mold and wrap the multitude of performances across the continent into something we can understand? Or maybe it is not an oversimplification. In any case, the gap in knowledge is glaring. There is so much that happened and is happening that’s not recorded.

There is so much theatre activity happening on the continent and not so much is written about it. There are so many theatre artists on the continent and outside the continent that are doing amazing theatre, accomplishing great things and changing lives through theatre. These people and their work need to be celebrated, the accomplishments and challenges needs to be shared and used to inspire others. There are many talented writers, scholars, artists from all corners producing good works. And if we come together, share information, inspire and supported each other, we can do even greater things.

This site is a platform for all African theatre artists, writers, scholars, lovers and supporters to tell our stories, control the narrative, redefine ourselves and share our stories how we want them to be viewed. Let’s share and celebrate our Africanness.

Our Goal

Our goal is to document and share African theatre activities and other performances works and initiatives and in turn immortalise and preserve the works and practices.


To be the largest source and platform for news, ideas and discussions on African theatre. A space for theatre artists, scholars and lovers to share and celebrate our authentic Africanness in all the ways it manifests through theatre.

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