Our features stories include Compelling, deeply researched, and well-written pieces on African theatre personalities, productions, news, and topics in Africa Theatre. Welcome to our 'Features' section at The African Theatre Magazine, where we delve deep into captivating narratives, compelling stories, and thought-provoking explorations of individuals, events, and institutions shaping the tapestry of African Theatre. Explore the inspiring journey of Elvania Namukwaya, a trailblazer who shattered barriers in Ugandan Theatre, breaking through the glass ceiling and redefining possibilities for future generations. Engage with the poignant reflections of 'Genocide 25', where a Rwandan generation grapples with the weight of history, learning and healing through theatre. Discover the significance of Zimbabwe’s Jasen Mphepo Little Theatre, a small but powerful institution serving a monumental purpose in nurturing talent and preserving cultural heritage. Uncover Mbuso Khoza's profound insights on why the Battle of Isandlwana remains an enduring and pivotal moment in African history, resonating through theatrical expression. Our 'Features' section offers a mosaic of stories, profiling extraordinary individuals, commemorating significant events, and shining a spotlight on institutions that are pillars of African Theatre's evolution. Each feature captures the essence of passion, resilience, and innovation within the theatrical landscape. Through in-depth interviews, immersive storytelling, and reflective explorations, we invite you to embark on a journey that celebrates the diversity, complexity, and significance of African Theatre. Whether it's the tales of individual triumphs, societal reckonings, or the impactful role of institutions, our Features section is a window into the soul of African Theatre. Join us as we unravel the layers of inspiration, resilience, and cultural richness that define the fabric of African Theatre. Our Features are more than stories—they are tributes to the relentless spirit driving the evolution and transformation of the theatrical narrative across the continent.

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